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Uganda Young Positives (UYP) is a National Non Governmental Organization which brings together all young people living with HIV in Uganda for action in scaling up prevention, care and support services. UYP has lived for a decade, and actively operates countrywide with membership of individual young people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.

What is Uganda Young Positives (UYP)?

Uganda Young Positives (UYP) is a National- Community Based Non-governmental organization headquartered in Kampala with a national geographical reach.

UYP is youth led and youth focused. It is an organization for and by young people living with HIV but with strong youth-adult partnerships mainly with those who are adults today but have grown along in the young positive movement

What is UYP’s core business?

UYP’s core business in programme implementation is to create demand for services among communities, advocate for access to services and raise awareness among communities to increase uptake for these services.

What is the main mission of UYP?

UYP’s mission is to promote better quality of life for young people living with HIV/AIDS and contribute towards a reduction of HIV prevalence among young people in Uganda

Does UYP work with only Young People living with HIV?

No, UYP works with all young people but more so with those living with HIV and those affected by HIV and AIDS. UYP’s primary target are young people living with HIV and AIDS

How can I help UYP?
  • Become an active member and supporter and contribute ideas and articles for UYP publications.
  • Promote the objective and values of UYP and contribute in form of resources or in kind
How do I become a member?

Membership is free

How do members benefit from UYP?
  • Build capacity your capacity in various aspects including advocacy, research, and Monitoring and evaluation and many other desciplines.
  • Participate in conferences including international conferences.
  • You can be a beneficiary for a Livelihood activity.
  • You will receive counseling and psychosocial support free of charge.
  • You will be inked to services for further/additional support.
  • You will proudly belong to a team to collectively advocate for services for young people.
What has UYP achieved since its inception?
  • UYP won the prestigious UNAIDS/UNDP International Red ribbon award and was recognized at the 2010 International AIDS conference in Vienna-Austria.
  • UYP was the first representative of the youth Self Coordinating Entity (SCE) of the HIV and AIDS partnership of the Uganda AIDS Commission (UAC).
  • UYP occupied the substantive seat of the Uganda’s Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) of the Global Fund till Dec 2014.
  • UYP together with other youth organizations, led to the formulation of the Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Policy and several other policy and guideline documents which guides the National SRHR agenda to-date.
Who does UYP work with?

UYP established close working linkages with key stakeholders that include

  • Government bodies
  • Grassroots organizations
  • The media
  • Local/National Civil Society Organizations
  • International Civil Society Organizations
  • The UN and other bilaterals

Is UYP a donor agency?

No, UYP is not a donor agency. It also attracts its funding support from various organizations nationally and internationally.

My question hasn’t been answered?

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