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UYP Youth

Uganda Young Positives (UYP) is a community based, Non-Governmental Organization, Registration Number S.5914/6270 which brings together all young people living with HIV in Uganda for action in scaling up prevention, care and support services.

UYP was born to promote better quality of life of Young people living with HIV/AIDS and to address issues of vulnerability among the youth population. It took this up after acknowledging and recognizing that issues of young people were unique and therefore needed tailored approaches.

UYP was established in October 2003 by Sam Ocen.

Today, UYP actively operates nationally with membership of over 60,000 individual young positives UYP’s core business, like many civil society organizations, is to create demand for services among communities.

UYP has six diligently selected full time staff lead by The EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR (Kuraish Mubiru) at its headquarters in Kampala where overall operational functions are done, with over thirty volunteers and interns across the country.

UYP’s Vision
A well mobilized, co-ordinated and empowered group of young positives that are willing and able to respond to the challenges of living positively and working towards the National HIV/AIDs prevention agenda.UYP youth

UYP’s Mission
To promote better quality of life for the Young people living with HIV/AIDS and reduce HIV prevalence among young people.

To unify HIV/AIDS infected young people to respond positively to HIV/AIDS challenges in Uganda by improving their participation in promoting care and support.

UYP Mandate in HIV prevention
Young Positives play a leading role of prevention with positives among the young people.



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